Introducing NextGEN Gallery

July 16, 2007

NextGEN Gallery is a gallery plugin by Alex Rabe, and is undeniably one of the most popular in the WordPress user sphere at the moment. This is due primarily to its robust features, the active support provided by Alex and also because it is currently under active development, so feature requests are welcome.

I have been following its progress since one of the earlier alpha releases (it is currently at 0.63) and leaps and bounds have been made from the original. Alex based the functionality of the plugin on an existing solution called MyGallery and then proceeded to mix in various other tools such as JQuery, Thickbox to create this plugin.

The most important points, I’m sure, for most users evaluating a new plugin are to

  • See it in action
  • Test the admin interface
  • Evaluate its usability for their application in terms of features and system requirements
  • Ease of customisation

If you’re like me, you’ll want to be able to plug-and-go almost 90% of the time. This means that display and also the admin interface are particularly crucial. For NextGEN Gallery, Alex has provided a few ‘case study’ links on the information page, as well as screenshots of the admin interface, and live demos of individual gallery pages. If you happen to be looking for more live sites, there is also the thread for people to post their in-action galleries.

Features wise, as mentioned before, NextGEN Gallery already has some fabulous functions (based on MyGallery) such as

  • Uploading images via zip file
  • Unlimited albums
  • Slideshow
  • Multiple display effects – CSS files and also Javascript based Thickbox, Lightbox, Grey box
  • Watermarking

Of those listed, I have really only evaluated Watermarking fully. The aim though, is to thoroughly test run NextGEN Gallery from installation, configuration, usage and further customisation, so in the next post, I’ll be writing in more detail about Installing NextGEN Gallery.

10 Responses to “Introducing NextGEN Gallery”

  1. tboley Says:

    NextGEN Gallery ist not a brand new plugin, it’s just a copy of myGallery with some new functions. Those fablous functions you mentoined are functions of myGallery.

    Thomas Boley, devleoper of myGallery

    Btw: “Is someone stealing your hard work? Read this before you get angry” is a nice post…

  2. redballoons Says:

    Thomas: thanks for your comment! It was a very pleasant surprise to receive feedback so quickly considering this blog has just started. Thanks for pointing out my mistake with regards to the wording. I will edit the post to reflect your suggestions, so hope you don’t mind checking through it again when you next visit.

    The other post is with thanks to Matt Mullenweg for his words of wisdom! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Alex Rabe Says:

    Very funny “it’s a copy” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry that you are between the lines.

    I never said it’s not based on it, but it’s not a simple copy. Study the code an you will see it.

  4. […] the comments on this post : RedBallons. NextGEN Gallery ist not a brand new plugin, itโ€™s just a copy of myGallery with some new […]

  5. Mark Says:

    I don’t know much about coding, but I have (tried to) use MyGallery in the past, in fact spending quite some time trying to a) get it to work properly, and b) trying to use it, and c) trying to get non-technical people to use it. I never really got it working satisfactorily.

    Since Alex started with NextGEN I have tested every version and it’s just gotten better and better to the point where I would now use nothing else to display images. It’s logically laid out, easy to use, and it just plain works!

    Adding to that is the fact that Alex answers support requests, which is more than I can say for the author of MyGallery. Many a support request on the MyGallery forum has gone completely unanswered.

    Similar situation with the wp-forum plugin from Fahlstad Design – the author has effectively abandoned the plugin, so someone else has picked up the ball and fixed it – made it useable.

    Please don’t sit back providing no support for plugins and then poke your head out and take a potshot at someone who has come out and eaten your plugin for breakfast. Sounds like a bit of jealousy to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. redballoons Says:

    Thanks to everyone for your comments! I really hadn’t realise this would generate such a huge response, and hope there are no hard feelings as a result. I absolutely respect both developers for their talents, and will edit the post accordingly in the next few days again to reflect both comments.

  7. alex.rabe Says:

    It’s not your fault. I would like to thank you for your post, I really appreciate that you take my plugin as first reviewed plugin, it’s a great honor.

    But I can’t keep such a jealousy comment from Thomas without a response. I respect all other plugin developments and ideas (You can see that at my contribute list in my plugin), but he think he has a patent on his idea.

  8. Kretzschmar Says:

    Thomas (tboley) has some serious problem. I once used myGallery but nggallery is getting better and better while mygallery “develoepment” stalled.
    I think Alex is not only a very talented programmer but also a very kind person. It is really hard to make him angry. Thomas on the other side is not really interested in giving support and REALLY likes heated discussions.

  9. Oli Says:

    I tried every gallery plugin for wp there is, including mygallery. Nextgen is just the best – not too big, not too small, still in development, friendly and fast support.
    Just perfect!

  10. I really like this plugin. It meets my photo gallery needs perfectly. the only thing I was wondering is if there was a way to get the image description to display next to the thumbnails.

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